Friday, June 5, 2009

arttrap I

still have some final touches... like evening out
some of the layers of dark blue, and touching up
the turquoise in back of her head.

was also planning on working on the plants a bit more.

anyway, those are marbles coming out of her pockets,
not bubbles.



  1. There's something about a single, homogenous technique/aesthetic that really makes or breaks my opinion of an image or an object or an installation. Honestly, I've always been a little wary of collage work for that reason. It's probably an irrational hangup, but I like things to be consistent and intentional.

    You did this painting, and it has that quality. It's like an illustration, with so many specific, symbolic elements; but the fact that it's so small sort of prevents it from becoming overwhelming or (my favorite)arbitrary.

    -So symbolism and metaphor are elements in a lot of work, but in my opinion, the image or sculpture or installation has to fulfill an aesthetic requirement to be "successful." In other words, it has to be worth looking at. Sometimes something is so "smart," that you feel smart for looking at it, even if it's just a log or a bent piece of metal. That's cool, I guess. This is different than that, though. This painting is nice to look at because of the composition, and the colors, and the quality of the medium. I like to look at it because it has a homogenous feel.

    Critiquing something that's so obviously been crafted with complete consideration and intention sometimes seems inappropriate. I can talk about the things I like and the things I don't like, but I think the overall success is dependent on how well the image/sculpture/installation fulfills your intent. You told me this is sort of a jumping-off point. I like that, and I think you should keep going.

  2. "turquoise in back of her head"
    is a phrase to keep in your pocket.

    when i have a mailbox,
    you can send me letters.