Friday, January 15, 2010

catch up

everything i forgot about:

for katie taylor, a true gem.

i love antique stores that sell old toys made in hong kong in the 1960s.

trolls are NOT kosher.

brit and i stayed at the sketchiest holiday I ever.

sure do love percy.

thanks george. good job.

give me a beach house now.

i love ny so hard.

snack giving.

sometimes, not over wilbur.

ladies practicing.

spent christmas in new york. magical.

we didn't want to go anywhere... so we stayed in until 12:11

love. this. chic.

steph, giving it her all, of course.

cash-money. snacks. 2010.

the dads.

katie drank 17 of these in 4 minutes... leaving shortly for london...

do everything katie. x